We all need to become familiar with this term “Choice of Repairer” when it comes to insuring our vehicles. Why? It’s important when making a vehicle insurance claim. There are 3 common scenarios when it comes to “Choice of Repairer” on your motor vehicle policy.

1. Choice of Repairer: This means you are allowed to choose your own repairer. Some insurance companies automatically include this in their policies. This is the best option when choosing your motor vehicle insurance, because you as the owner have the final decision on where or who will repair your vehicle.

2. Optional Extra Cover: There is an optional extra which most Australian policy owners are not aware of. These policies do not include “Choice of Repairer”, unless you select this optional extra. This can also be called “Any Repairer” or “Choice of Repairer” under the optional extras cover. If you do not choose this optional extra, you will have no choice on who repairs your vehicle.

3. No Choice of Repairer: This is plain and simple, you do not get a choice . You are not part of the decision making process. Your insurance company decide who will repair your vehicle.

You ask why is this so important? You do not want to become victim of a vehicle repair that has been based on controlling costs rather than quality repairs and customer satisfaction.

Choice of Repairer is very important when insuring your motor vehicle. Before you make any decisions on who will repair your vehicle, do your research, read reviews, ask family and ask friends.

Benefits of choosing your own repairer:

  • You won’t have to wait in line to have your vehicle repaired
  • Quality repairs
  • Convenience of being closer to your home or work

We are an independent smash repair company, One Stop Repair Centre work for you and not the insurance company. We believe in the customers rights to choose their own repairer. You can bring your vehicle to One Stop Repair Centre and take advantage of our quality workmanship and lifetime warranty on all repairs.